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Why should I have Solar Power?

Protect the global environment, save money and care for your family and friends

Solar systems produce ZERO carbon emission – clean working and living environment. It shifts the customers from passive energy consumers to active producer and consumer. With 35 years of experience, Power Technology is a leader in guarantee a 25-year Panel Performance with its rigorous design and careful implementation.

Reduce cost of operation – remove the dependency on coal and fuel rising costs. It provides energy security. Add the value of your property as it moves to “Green Building”

The Money saved from traditional energy supplies can be used for other investment, for example to buy computers for learning activities (case of NZ schools), and to invest in other productive assets as well as to create jobs.

How does it work?

There’s basically three systems – Using the sun, generate and store all your own power, connect to the utility and generate some of your own power or have a mix of proven generation systems that work together.

Your energy is fully dependent on solar generation system.
The battery is used to store and maintain the supply of energy.

Solar energy is created and used. When this energy exceeds the need, the excess supplies the grid, and vice versa, when the energy needed is less than supplies, it takes from grid.

This combines the best from off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.
The options include off-grid solar with utility backup power, or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.

Another option is your own generator that starts and runs as load demand increases. This can be all managed automatically by the Solar plant.

How much does a Solar Generation System cost?

Systems are very different. Tell us how much you’d like to spend and we will tailor exactly what you need for your site within your budget and give you some options to consider.

Most systems are different which means you should talk to us about your own custom system tailored exactly to your needs – you decide how much you want to spend and we design the best possible system for those needs.

The cost of a solar generation system consists of engineering design, components, installation and maintenance.

Design cost is defined by the expertise. Power Technology has been in the industry for more than 35 years covering various industries, taking advantage of the product developments, advances and learning, make sure that our design cost is a true value for money.

In the last two decades, the price of components, most of solar system costs, has dropped significantly. The incentive from the governments of several countries also add the cost benefit to move to solar generation systems.

We establish partnerships with local contractors for installation and maintenance partners. We develop a training program and quality control system. Such partnership allow us to offer quality, very good value, and very responsive customer care for the clients.

How do I choose the right solar power system?

Easy. Call Power Technology ASEAN +62 81 2323 567 39 and we will help you through that.

Your Power Technology technical expert will help you, as the design depends on certain key points:
- How much available space do you have for your solar panels – this may be roof, over water or ground?
- How much electricity do you consume (kWh) per year?
- Do you have power available even when the utility power is out?
- How much would you like to offset and how much do you want to spend on your energy investment budget?
- Contact us:sales@powertechasean.com

What are the Warranties?

Usually 5 years with up to 25 year Insurance Backed Panel Performance warranty

Warranties are based on manufacturer’s warranties and in the case of Solar Panels, backed by Commercial Insurers. Sometimes Warranties vary a little due to operating environment and location.

Solar Panels have 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and 25 year rated output warranty. The solar panels will still be producing 80% of their original output after 25 years.

Inverters have 5 year parts and labour warranty. This may be up to 8 Years in some circumstances.

Are Local Body Consents or Permits Required?

Check your local Council or contact us

Every Local Body has their own requirements.
Some councils do and many councils don’t need a permit - some may need you to apply for an exemption and some don’t need anything

For example:
In Indonesia, if solar power system installation does not change your building construction or area, you can maintain your IMB (IjinMendirikanBangunan) permit. Otherwise, you need to apply for revision.

What maintenance is required?

Make sure that Panels are clean and not shaded

Our PV roof systems are designed to last longer than 25 years, with an annual clean of the panels using hot soapy water, and roof-flushing under the panels to help preserve your roof. This may vary in some locations and we will advise as required.

There is an air gap under the panels to provide a cooling airflow and space to enable this flushing.

Our solar electricity systems contain no pumps, no externally exposed moving parts and are designed specifically for harsh environments.

Can I sell my surplus power? Who accepts them?

Sometimes, but it’s generally best value to size your system for your own needs

Many electricity providers buy back excess electricity generated from your solar power system at different rates.

In Asean countries, some providers currently introduce Feed-in-Tariff, and buy from small to large sustainable energy generators. It can help them to obtain secure supply at certain rate. It’s best to ensure that you can fulfil your need before exporting any to the grid.

Here are some references to see the current rate:
Indonesia – PeraturanMenteriEnergydanSumberDaya
Mineral No. 04/2012
Philippines – Renewable Energy Act 2008

How can I see the electricity that my system is producing?

Usually yes, on-line.

We have several inverters selected to fit your design and work with the best solution to fit your specific needs. This equipment, off-grid or grid-tied, has its own software that can be easily loaded onto your computer.

Some have WiFi built in so that you can access system-monitoring displays on your PC through your web browser. You need to have a wireless network for this to function.