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Our Solutions

Power Technology offers solutions for myriad of applications. We are able to closely match the requirements of a given consumer, the client, to ensure the optimal approach to energy generation on the site. Our solutions cater for virtually any generation need. Electrical energy is at the very heart of our clients’ requirements, Power Technology deliver this lifeblood to allow comfort, security and facilitate productive use at any site.


Consumers connected to the utility grid are reliant on the energy utility, the retailers, for all their electrical energy needs. Power Technology will enable you to fully off‐set, subsidise or simply top up any imported energy requirements. We balance available generation and loads to facilitate a performance matched to any need. Using our technology we can simply replace imported kWhr with renewable and sustainable resources, in addition we can provide a range of added features such as peak lopping, or power stabilisation on the site to further energy costs savings. Grid connected consumers will further benefit from our innovative solutions for load/ generation matching to ensure no export, smart load control to allow excess generation dependent or load based start and even export to a storage solution for load shifting when the generation source is not available, such as at night or facilitate energy arbitrage. Power reliability may also be greatly increased with our innovative utility back‐up systems enabling solar power to support your loads in the event of an outage. Utility, Commercial and Residential solar made simply and reliably with Power Technology.



Many of our clients are located in remote areas, far from any utility connection or electrical grid. When the cost to connect to utility power is prohibitive, or perhaps not even an option, we have the capability, hardware and technical know how to achieve an electrical energy solution. Taking from the available generation sources on the site, and delivering these to electrical loads can allow consumers of all kinds ‐ residential, industrial and commercial to successfully operate using electrical energy where this may not have been possible previously. In addition to bringing power to locations it may not have been available we are highly experienced in implementations on existing remote site grids. Our satisfied off grid clients’ include resorts, hotels, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and many more commercial/ industrial applications as well as community solutions and private residences. Whether you have an existing remote grid or require a new grid solution, by applying intelligent design we will reduce your reliance on imported fossil fuels, therefore providing reduced fuel cost burden, lowering OpEx, and improved environmental conditions.


Reliance on fossil fuel is a tough reality faced by many of our clients’. Operating at the mercy of fuel price fluctuations, or in many cases unreliability of fuel supply can be devastating for business. Our solutions are fully inclusive of automated control and monitoring systems to allow the co‐existence of Diesel fuel systems and renewable generation. Successfully integrating photovoltaic energy with a Diesel based power plant requires a deep understanding of not just the solar power systems, detailed knowledge of diesel generator operation is also a necessity for success. We here at Power Technology have decades of Diesel power generation experience, by applying this expertise you benefit and your Diesel plant operational stability and longevity is assured while providing independence from volatile fuel supplies and rising diesel costs. With or even without battery storage systems, by using our technology and enabling generation from alternative resources ‐ such as solar you benefit from reduced costs, up to 40% or more, Diesel grid stability and increased reliability which can, and will ensure the success of your operations.



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