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Energy Storage



Off-grid solar systems utilise batteries to store electricity for use at night or on low sunshine days. These batteries are custom-designed to meet your specific energy requirements and ensure reliable and consistent energy supply.

It is important that your off-grid system is sized correctly to compensate for the variation in sunshine hours. Power Technology has more than 10 years’ experience designing and supplying off-grid systems for both residential and commercial use. We will guide you through the process to ensure your energy supply is reliable at all times.

As well as batteries, off-grid systems also require an off-grid inverter, charge controller and backup generator. Power Technology provides two options for off-grid systems: Direct Current (DC) coupled or Alternating Current (AC) coupled.

An AC coupled system uses an extra grid-connect inverter to supply the site’s load before charging the batteries for later use. A DC coupled system directs all the power generated by the photovoltaic panels to the batteries. Power is then drawn from the batteries via a single inverter.

Ideally, off-grid systems with batteries are suitable for remote areas, a military base, aquaculture in a coastline where power is completely independent of the main utility grid and all the energy stored properly for further demand.